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Non Bridal Fun - Easter Tag Printable


Easter fills me with Joy ... I love spending time with family in the sunshine, having beautiful dinners and everything coming into bloom and of course decorating the house. This year I'm going all out so I doodled some bunnies for tags and cards.

I wanted to go with natural, pretty easter this year with lots of twigs, spring greenery and speckled eggs - and then I thought these would be a nice thing to share!  

So I've made 4 pretty designs of tag for those of you who love Easter to download and print ......

I hope you enjoy them,

Happy Easter,

Clemmie x



A Bride to Be asks .... Should I grow out my short cut for my wedding day ?

Bridal Hair.png

At an accessory evening recently a bride asked 'Should I grow out my Pixie Cut for my wedding day?' My heart nearly broke .... and the answer is 'of course not!"

I am firmly of the belief that you should look and feel like yourself on you big day (maybe a little more polished) Pixie cuts are super alluring and can look just as 'bridal' just look at these red carpet ladies.

There's a perception that with this cut accessories are out, which is absolutely not the case. You'll maybe need combs or pins mounting on alligator clips so they hold better in shorter locks but thats never a problem, and if your hair is super fine you'd maybe be better with a featherlight vine which can be pinned with 3cm bobby pins along its length.  

Below are some styling suggestions I put to my Miss Clemmie pixie cut brides .......





NEW DESIGNS | One of a Kind


This week I’ve slowly been making these ‘One of a Kind Designs’

Each is made with a collection of vintage, jewels and crystals and are compleately unique.  

 4 Small ‘One of a Kind’ small comb designs  

4 Small ‘One of a Kind’ small comb designs  

 A large ‘One of a Kind’ Comb  

A large ‘One of a Kind’ Comb  

‘One of a Kind’ festoon  

BEHIND THE SCENES | My Bespoke Process


The idea of leaving someone to create an accessory just for you can be a daunting one, to make it less mysterious  thought i'd share with you a real one and a little of the process.


I love getting a very open brief, this bride was after a piece to compliment her boho tiered lace dress and had seen on my Instagram feed pieces with the vibe she was going for. She wanted - pretty, whimsical, heirloom, delicate and possibly with tulle accents. I had a photo of her dress too and that always helps me imagine a piece to go with the overall look and a picture of the hair she'd be wearing.  

We went through 3 stages of initial sketch designs and then I made a small section for the Brides approval.

 Sketching out design ideas  

Sketching out design ideas  


The piece was made from lots of layered elements to give a bohemian eclectic look to the piece whilst still keeping it light and petite.  

I started with a halo base of vintage crystal cupchain woven with tulle with tiny combs for support, adding a second band of loose mounted crystals. The piece was the dotted with pearl accents to give an organic feel mimicking wax flower crowns of the 1800's. The final touch was satin ties. 

 Making the piece with some help from a fluffy friend. 

Making the piece with some help from a fluffy friend. 


Before I dispatched I sent the Bride pictures of the piece for approval before it was shipped out next day delivery. 

 The final piece, I added secret combs for additional support. 

The final piece, I added secret combs for additional support. 

 The back of the finished halo.  

The back of the finished halo.  

If you interested in reading more about my Bespoke Service you can read here.  

Keep an eye in my Instagram (my studio diary) to see other bespoke work in progress and you can contact me to begin your own bespoke piece.  

Clementine X

STYLING | How To Fit Your Miss Clemmie Veil

 Styling Advice on Birdcage Veils for Brides to be 

Styling Advice on Birdcage Veils for Brides to be 

We’ve designed our veils to be the Perfect fit. I remember when I received my veil before my wedding,  I took it out of the box and didn’t know where to start … so I hope this little guide helps you figure it out quickly.


On receiving your Veil

With clean hands take the Veil from the box. To shape the veil after shipping manipulate and pouf it by hand. If there are wrinkles ball the tissue that comes in the box and drape the veil over. In a few days it should straighten out avoid ironing your veil as it’s very easy to burn. Remember that when the veil is pinned into place the shape will be sturdy and creases will not be visible. Keep in the box if possible to protect it. If you need to pack your veil roll rather than fold it.


Positioning the Veil

 Don’t panic about this part, you stylist will have used a veil before and will know what to do on the big day! You’ll need a couple of Bobby pins.

•You’ll either be wearing the veil in the centre or to the side. As a guide if your going to wear it to the side place it over your side parting. Petite veils sit about 2 inches from your hairline, classic and others at the crown.

•Once the veil is fitted a discreet Bobby pin each side of your head will secure it at the height you need it and prevent it flying up in a gust of wind.

•It’s worth a bridesmaid or someone you trust to watch and see how it’s been secured into your ‘do’. Then if you want to remove the veil after the photos and not disturb your hair too much it can be removed easily.


And thats it ... Easy!

Clementine x


REAL BRIDEClementine

I love to see a real bride in our One of A Kind accessories. Mia Chose a One of a Kind Comb and also our Eve Earrings from Fairytale Weddings. These lovely fine art style photos of Mia and Adam are from the lovely McKenzie - Brown and are some of my favourite real bride shots from 2015.

Mia's One Of A Kind Comb was designed be asymmetric in shape and included a beautiful c1940's leaf and bow jewel and c1950's pearls. She purchased her beautiful Enzoani gown and Miss Clemmie comb from they lovely girls at Fairytale Weddings. In her dark hair the piece coordinates prettily with her dress and ties together her bridal look. I love that she paired it with a simple veil too and by positioning to the side and not the centre it looks subtlety visible on all the shots of her left through the day. This is clever as in the middle it's hardly visible from either side and you're only going to get a few shots from behind in your album.

You can view the whole wedding and list of other suppliers HERE on Mackenzie Browns Blog.

Clementine x

INSPIRATION | Antique Finds


I had a little treasure hunt today.

You might not be aware but all of the Miss Clemmie One of a Kind accessories are made with elements of Vintage and Antique heirlooms and even the Collection designs include heirloom Pearls, Diamante and crystals. So every month I visit my favourite antiques Fella' and in this Months treasure trove were these beautiful sterling silver and diamante c1920's clasps. I love pieces like this, especially when they include some vintage packaging and they're just sooooo pretty! 

 I'm not sure how I'll use them, I'd love to use them as belt clasps, but for a while i'm going to put them in my 'Curiosity Cabinet' and stare at them.

Clementine x



Claire was the first bride to wear the Dewinter Connected Combs, I was so excited when Donna from Beauty Angels shared her photos with me. It makes me so proud and happy when i see my accessories in action.

The Dewinter Connected Combs are from our début collection Bohemian Luxe. Staying true to our love of vintage jewellery and design, the pieces are strongly influenced by 1920's ethereal layered fashions and evocative Bohemian bridal style. Featuring eclectic layered jewels, sumptuous vintage and Swarovski pearls in powder metallic tones and antique heirloom accents to create a breathtaking statement accessory.

Claire and Beauty Angels went with this amazing unstructured up do ( a beauty angels specialty) which really showed of the festoons of this piece. I love the proportions, the comb on the left is smaller than the one on the right, the pin in the middle is off centre and the festoons are draped haphazardly to create a really laid back but glamorous finishing touch. I love the effect that the combs can be seen from every angle on the big day! 

Since this wedding, we have added a few Festoon Combs, you see them here.

Clemmie x