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STYLING | How To Fit Your Miss Clemmie Veil

 Styling Advice on Birdcage Veils for Brides to be 

Styling Advice on Birdcage Veils for Brides to be 

We’ve designed our veils to be the Perfect fit. I remember when I received my veil before my wedding,  I took it out of the box and didn’t know where to start … so I hope this little guide helps you figure it out quickly.


On receiving your Veil

With clean hands take the Veil from the box. To shape the veil after shipping manipulate and pouf it by hand. If there are wrinkles ball the tissue that comes in the box and drape the veil over. In a few days it should straighten out avoid ironing your veil as it’s very easy to burn. Remember that when the veil is pinned into place the shape will be sturdy and creases will not be visible. Keep in the box if possible to protect it. If you need to pack your veil roll rather than fold it.


Positioning the Veil

 Don’t panic about this part, you stylist will have used a veil before and will know what to do on the big day! You’ll need a couple of Bobby pins.

•You’ll either be wearing the veil in the centre or to the side. As a guide if your going to wear it to the side place it over your side parting. Petite veils sit about 2 inches from your hairline, classic and others at the crown.

•Once the veil is fitted a discreet Bobby pin each side of your head will secure it at the height you need it and prevent it flying up in a gust of wind.

•It’s worth a bridesmaid or someone you trust to watch and see how it’s been secured into your ‘do’. Then if you want to remove the veil after the photos and not disturb your hair too much it can be removed easily.


And thats it ... Easy!

Clementine x